Sales Strategies

Sales Marketing ICONSales is obviously key to every business, so we offer B2B support to help grow your client base, whether it’s consumer or trade. You may be a small company that doesn't have the time to find new business leads, we'll ensure that when we come across opportunities for your business, you'll be informed.

We’ll support your business with sales plans, consumer engagement and additional activity using our online marketing activities and working with our direct sales platform "B Gifted".  Ensuring sales and growth continues for your business is key to our success.

Here's what one of our client's recently said... "Fiona has been with us every step of the way as the primary force behind the implementation of our own business to business website. At each stage, she has been thorough and informative on what she is doing, and is brilliant at getting feedback from the relevant parties within our company, sorting out the good ideas from the bad, and auctioning accordingly. She is a pleasure to work with and, as a result of her efforts, our web business has gone from zero to a rate of £150,000 per annum in little over a year. So pleased are we with Fiona’s work that we have just asked her to completely overhaul and design a new corporate website for us, and I’m sure she will do an equally impressive job on this exciting new venture".  Steve Gallagher. Group Commercial Director. Great British Card Company.GBCC Logo SMALL

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